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Visionary fortitude
and the merits of

Being a Titan

Company culture? Sure, we’ve got that! Just don’t expect to see a list of energy-charged nouns, fun-radiating adjectives and clever acronyms that neatly define our core values. If you work for us or work with us, you will pick up on these. But if you need a shortcut, read on.

Titan’s approach to work and life was forged in the traditional style of a Cambridge, Mass. startup: a small kernel of entrepreneurially minded “mad” scientists who ground their way through the initial R&D, then seizing an opportunity to expand their ranks. Thus far, we have avoided the snowball effect that results in all companies of a certain size looking strikingly similar in their ethos and culture (because all well-formed snowballs are round!). Titan is very much the product of our individual endeavors, likes and aspirations. And apparently changing the world is a strong like around the office…


From the moment Titan’s founders put pen to paper on this new concept, a vision existed of our company’s technology dramatically changing the patterns of energy storage and use across the globe. That bigger picture remains Titan’s most valuable resource. Sure, our day-to-day work relies on talent and expertise, but grand visions are essential to providing us with focus, determination, and a guiding star.

We call ourselves Titans. To save you a Greek mythology lesson, our company’s name has less to do with the minutia of archaic theogonies and power struggles between different factions of obscure deities than with the lasting perception of Titans in post-classical cultures. This name implies fortitude, knowledge and uncompromising dissent from the status quo that has overstayed its welcome.

A shared devotion to common goals has shaped our workflow. Titans are eager to team up because it means being able to do things that are not achievable by individuals (even by geniuses like us). Once obstacles are removed and the power of a Titan team is unleashed, you’ll want to grab some popcorn. That is, unless you’re ready to come off the stands and join us in the arena.

Disciplined reasoning and professional passion alone could take us far, but they could never keep us in sync, especially as we soldiered on through the thick of the global pandemic. As it turns out, Titans sincerely care for one another, and such an environment diffuses egos and strengthens intrinsic motivation.

To be sure, there are many like-minded people, or Titans, across the globe. So many, in fact, it is highly unlikely that we will ever be able to welcome them all at our water-front offices in Salem, MA. But we wholeheartedly celebrate the aesthetic and intellectual affinity of all geeks across the space and time continuum. It is only logical that we embrace those precious bits of contemporary culture that speak to the minds of the curious, the brave and perhaps overly impressionable.  Our annual office parties on May 4th only begin to tell this part of the story.

Does it seem to you that in our well-informed rebellion against the carbon-fueled world we combine the better qualities of an academic department and a motorcycle gang? If so, you got the gist.

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