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Insights from the BattCave

Ultrasound Inspection Optimizes EV Battery Manufacturing

The article in Battery Technology highlights the advantages of using ultrasound in battery manufacturing QC. The industry's shift to large-format batteries comes with additional challenges that cannot be navigated using inspection technologies "borrowed" from other industries and previous chemistries.

By collecting real-time inspection data, manufacturers can implement responsive in-line corrective actions to create a more homogenous product while reducing scrap. The process stage of most interest is formation, due to this step’s high dropout rate. Titan’s scanning technology performs pre-formation grading, to match cells to their optimal formation cycle protocol, and post-formation grading, to perform a complete analysis of every single cell.

Introduction of full ultrasound scanning of every manufactured cell enables significant increase in yield during production ramp-up, as well as optimization of all processes involved. The added level of transparency and comprehensive data gathering for every manufactured cell can potentially impact the entire battery value chain.


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