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Insights from the BattCave

Titan holds an off-site day

On August 18, 2022, residents of Salem, Mass. awakened to an unusual scene. Dozens of extremely focused and smart individuals were racing through the town in small groups, in what appeared to be a scavenger hunt. Although the event went largely unreported in the media, boatloads of fun were in store that day for the crew of Titan Advanced Energy Solutions (indeed, it was Salem’s green tech and battery ultrasound innovation company that caused all the stir). The central stage of the affair was hosted at the Old Town Hall by the storytellers and scorekeepers of History Alive! (well-known theatre company, based in Salem). Throughout the two hours of competitive trading gameplay and learning about 18th century maritime lore, the winning team rose to the challenge with unprecedented results.

Titan’s day of festivities continued on Winter Island -- with BBQ, feats of athleticism and a celebratory cake. An improvised soccer match became the most enjoyed activity of the afternoon. Observers were left wondering how many careers in professional sports may have been abandoned in the name of revolutionizing battery safety, performance and longevity -- ranging from EVs to consumer electronics and energy storage.

It is worth noting that on the day preceding these events, Titan Advanced Energy Solutions held an all-hands meeting. Such quarterly gatherings bring together Titans from around the country, as well as other corners of the world, for a traditional lunch combined with an in-depth review of the company’s ongoing projects and long-term objectives. The energy of this all-hands meeting was undoubtedly reflected during recreational time on the following day.


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