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Insights from the BattCave

Titan and NSTC host an open-house networking event

The North Shore Technology Council and Titan Advanced Energy Solutions host "The Future of Batteries”, a networking and open house in Salem, MA

As Titan strives to unlock the enormous economic and environmental benefits across the entire battery industry, we often communicate with energy industry leaders, corporations and investors all around the world. It is also in the spirit of this ambitious mission that we take every chance to also communicate and actively collaborate with businesses and individuals locally, on Boston’s North Shore. On September 7, 2022, we used an opportunity to entertain a group representative of technology firms from different sectors of the economy, as well as members of the public.

This friendly gathering was a joined effort of Titan Advanced Energy Solutions, North Shore Technology Council and it was hosted by the local Root Café. The evening was kicked off by a networking session, with many of Titan’s key specialists fielding questions. A talk on the future of batteries followed, presented by Shawn Murphy, Titan’s co-founder and CEO. In the vast space of the Root Café, with commanding views of Salem harbor, Shawn’s passion and expertise were heard loud and clear, as he expanded on industry’s pain points and their solutions through the science of ultrasound. This presentation ended with a round of questions, proving once again that batteries are never too abstract of a subject for any audience.

“Titan’s first open house was a great success. The audience was diverse, curious, and engaged, which created a tangible energy of optimism and collaboration towards a common goal. Our guests brought different perspectives to the room to understand how the system as a whole comes together for a common goal” - Shawn Murphy

Building on the excitement of the keynote address, Titan’s guests were invited to tour our labs and offices. This is, after all, where the future of batteries becomes tangible. After the recent expansion of the company’s space, touring Titan has become a lengthy walk, but our excellent guides, Srdjan Mutabdzija and Ed Minasian, Titan’s product managers, filled the time with fascinating detail of how ultrasound helps us look inside batteries. Décor and branding elements revealing Titan’s company culture also could not be bypassed. The recently added gallery of Titan t-shirt designs drew much interest. At the end of the tour, it was these very pieces of swag that were distributed among the winners of a pop-up quiz about our company.

We would like to thank the NSTC for working with us to organize this event as well as everyone who joined us at the open house. After three years of operations here in Salem, we were glad to finally open our doors and share our facilities and journey with the local community. The greatly attended event and the diversity among the audience was a reinforcement that we are “fighting the good fight” and that the North Shore community is an active force in our efforts towards global decarbonization and electrification.

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