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Insights from the BattCave

The 2021 Battery Show

The 2021 Battery Show brought together all aspects of the battery industry - manufacturing, lab testing, system integrators, OEMs, recyclers, and a wide variety of analytics-based services. For Titan, the Battery Show offered an opportunity to demonstrate how we combine ultrasound, proprietary electronics, and machine learning to answer this question by modeling the physics of batteries and building hardware & software solutions that extend battery life, capacity, and deliver unprecedented safety.

Maura Appleberry, Technical Product Manager, and Sean O’Day, co-founder and CCO, at The Battery Show 2021 in Novi, MI

Interestingly enough, many players, regardless of their role in the industry, continue to ask the same question: How do we understand what goes on inside a cell?

The busy 3-day show brought a variety of visitors to Titan’s booth. Some were interested in applying our technology to quality assurance at the production level (giga factories), while others such as system integrators, were interested in incoming battery inspection prior to product integration. OEMs and BMS companies were interested in improved control -- understanding thermal runaway mechanisms and remaining capacity. Recyclers and ESS companies were interested in diagnosing used EV batteries to determine their fit for a second life.

A video that explains how our products facilitate the circular economy of repurposed EV batteries.

Our booth offered visitors a demonstration of our Scorpion product for rapid battery diagnostics, an overview of our Thermal Runaway work with the Department of Energy, and a synopsis of how our Ultrasonic BMS enhances the performance of legacy battery management systems.

All in all, the show brought immense value and served as the perfect opportunity for the industry to reunite after a tempestuous year.

Thermal Runaway, a serious consequence of battery mismanagement

A side by side comparison of traditional BMS systems and Titan's in-house Ultrasound BMS

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