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Insights from the BattCave

International Battery Seminar

Time & Location

28 Mar, 7:00 pm – 31 Mar, 11:00 pm Orlando, Orlando, FL, USA

About the event

Join us at Booth #217 for a demonstration of the Scorpion battery diagnostics technology.

Titan’s CEO & co-founder, Shawn Murphy, will also bespeaking on the BMS track on 3/31: “Safer and Greener Lifecycle Management using Ultrasound”

During this talk we will introduce how ultrasound technology can enhance the performance of incumbent battery management systems (BMS) by monitoring a cell’s intrinsic inner parameters (lithium plating, SEI layer, and loss of active material) in real-time, resulting in greater performance, longer battery useful lifetime, and an early warning system for potential battery failure.


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