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Titan Advanced Energy Solutions welcomes Bob Galyen to its Board of Directors

Bob Galyen with Shawn Murphy and Sean O'Day, founders of Titan Advanced Energy Solutions
Bob Galyen with Shawn Murphy and Sean O'Day, founders of Titan Advanced Energy Solutions

When you are a battery technology startup (Titan is), and another notable figure in the battery industry joins your board of directors (Bob Galyen just did!) this justly creates a sense of “leveling up.” Such a move is both a reinforcement of Titan’s efforts to date and a promise of great things to come.

Through his work as an Energy Storage executive for large corporations (ATL, CATL, Magna, Delphi, GM) and small enterprises (Tawas, Indy Power Systems, World Energy Labs), Bob has built a reputation of someone who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and his commitment to technological excellence and clean energy solutions has earned him multiple awards from industry entities, as well as government institutions. Within the diverse world of energy innovation, Bob Galyen has been most recently focused on Lithium-ion batteries used in EVs and ESS, serving as a CTO of Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited in NingDe, Fujian Province, PRC. It was under his guidance that CATL became the world’s largest battery cell manufacturer.

With his advanced degree in Chemistry, Bob helps address the perennial problem of every high-tech industry, where the engineering minds are not aligned with the executive minds. The balance between the two is a requirement for converting technology into cash, while maintaining commitments to clean energy goals. Bob Galyen has experience on both sides of this complex equation. Early in his career, he was instrumental in ground-breaking engineering solutions. His work for GM culminated in the launch of EV1 — the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle of modern automotive era. During his tenure at Delphi Technologies, Bob Galyen focused on implementing a web-based quality control system encompassing all battery plant processes — the exact area of cell manufacturing that Titan is drastically improving right now.

Galyen is well known for his participation in professional organizations. He has held the Chairmanship of SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee for 8 years and is Chairman of NAATBatt International. He is one of the favored speakers on the xEV and ESS conference programs.

By all accounts, Bob Galyen is also an inspiring person who makes an impact through wisdom and kindness. The Team at Titan Advanced Energy Solutions welcomes him aboard, as we look forward to many insightful interactions with one of our industry’s greatest.


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