High-precision state of health measurement

Give batteries a second life with better SoH measurement

Our patented, ultrasound technology can determine the SoH of a battery in seconds with over 99% accuracy. This changes the economics of giving batteries a second life, offering value across myriad stationary storage applications.

Manufacturers can get 8x greater revenue for a second life battery than they get from retiring and recycling it


Our devices help reduce battery costs, improve infrastructure, and protect our planet’s natural resources.


Electric vehicle sales are on the rise in a major way. Currently, we retire most EV Li-ion batteries when they still have over 70% SoH remaining. Though they no longer meet the standards required for EVs, they can be useful in many other contexts, such as stationary storage... This second life application, however, requires a fast, inexpensive way of measuring each battery’s state of health. To date, the measurement process has been expensive, time consuming, and labor intensive. Consequently, we retire these batteries, rather than navigate this expensive measurement process.

We grind up most batteries after their first life, yielding only 6% back on the initial manufacturing costs.


Our technology makes it possible to measure a battery’s SoH in a more affordable way. This means that OEMs and car manufacturers can assess the remaining usable capacity of a battery and sell them on for a second life. These batteries can be used for stationary storage, in tandem with solar and wind farms, or to accommodate peak demand periods within the electrical grid.


Our devices make it possible to get twice as much use from Li-ion batteries, reducing the impact of the materials and energy that go into producing them. This also makes it easier to build stationary storage and invest in non-carbon-based infrastructure.

To learn more about how we're changing the world, read our article "Giving Batteries a Second Life with More Accurate Measurement"







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