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eJuvenate™ is a Titan proprietary process designed to restore the capacity of Li-ion batteries and extend battery life.

eJuvenate™​​ has the potential to accelerate the cost-effective deployment of 'solar + storage' and 'wind + storage' as a baseload solution by years, getting us closer to our 100% renewable energy goals



There are XXXX Li-ion batteries around the world. Among the biggest markets are grid-level storage and electric vehicles. Although widely adopted, Li-ion battery capacity fades over time causing a reduction in storage capacity and performance.

For example, after 400 cycles, the average battery experiences a 20% reduction in capacity.

This decline has been irreversible until now.

eJuvenate™ a patent-pending technology which uses safe and non-intrusive guided electromagnetic waves to alter the basic molecular structure of the Li-ion battery. This treatment focuses on the anode's SEI layers in the Li-ion batteries. The process is quick and can be applied through packaging, thus in-field maintenance is possible.

This novel non-invasive approach provides a scalable solution which can be applied to all L-ion major chemistries (95%)

eJuvenate™ can extend the life of existing Li-ion batteries by an estimated factor of three times, reducing the levelized cost of energy storage (LCOS)  by ~75% by significantly extending usable life, without increasing the initial capital cost of battery storage. The eJuvenate™  process can be integrated into a normal OEM battery maintenance process for electric vehicles, stationary energy storage installations, and used with recycling companies to restore and repurpose discarded Li-ion batteries.