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Quality Battery Manufacturing:
An Insider’s View.


Battery Quality Assurance

Battery Quality Assurance is our solution to enable high volume, high quality, low-cost batteries to support the growing EV, ESS, and consumer electronics market while mitigating our environmental footprint.

Using proprietary ultrasound and non-destructive technology (NDT), Titan is able to inspect batteries throughout the cell manufacturing process, detecting defects at the source and reducing overall expenditure and time.

The Battery Manufacturing Opportunity.


The ripple effects of poor quality can be felt throughout the entire value chain of the battery, and that of the products they power. Cell manufacturing presents both, the crisis and the opportunity.

By detecting defects during the electrode manufacturing stage we are able to optimize formation processing, reduce aging costs and reduce material waste associated with late error detection which in turn also reduces cell storage cost.

Bad quality causes big disruptions in my river system.

- Taiichi Ohno, Father of the Toyota Production System (TPS)

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